Sport &
Education Law


- Eduaction Law & its application
- The maximization of media and marketing rights
- Competition and broadcasting rights
- Intellectual property rights
- General liability in sport
- Contracting and Competition
- Anti-corruption

Sport law is one of the prime dedicated areas of TOP LEGAL Dedicated to Athletes, Rights Holders and Federations TOP LEGALs strategic approach of sport law means that we are regularly instructed to act fast and efficient nationally respecting the time pressure. Our ability to deal and work internationally fit the international dimension of Sport Law.

We assist Olympians, Professionals, Agents, Competitive Students, Very active to advocate Client's rights - including for anti-doping matters We assist aspiring students in seeking their rights in case of disparity and discrimination.

- Drafting and negotiation of rules and regulations for series and competitions
- Disciplinary and anti-doping proceedings (Federations,NADA & WADA)
- Club takeovers, player transfers, Terminations
- Exploitation of commercial rights
- Sport Disputes and dispute resolution (Special Bodies OCI etc)

Commercial Law

Our commercial services offering reflects
the variety and importance of the business
deals you do.

When you need to close a financial deal, to negotiate a contract for an important deal, event or endorsement, you need all the help you can get to get it right.
In a world of commoditised legal services, we offer a bespoke commercial service. And we commit to it.

To that effect we assist clients during their crucial negotiations, not just to formalise the agreed.

We believe a good contract has to stand the scrutiny of the Court. To that effect we specialize in a wide range of commercial/financial litigation. The firm's litigation lawyers have practiced extensively before the Courts and have handled all phases of litigation at national and international level.

- Financial Law Services
- Investment & Funding Deal
- General Banking Contracts
- Commercial/Banking Litigation


When you are faced with a difficult situation, and no option is left but fighting for your rights and making your voice heard, Arbitration is normally the chosen path. You need an advocate to your rights and to be prepared for any "side effects" litigation may have. We strongly trust our dispute strategic planning and dispute management to protect you from Legal consequences.

We make sure you are informed throughout the all process. Transparency and trustworthiness to the client is our motto.

We believe in consistently winning cases. And we do itConsistently. We have qualified Mediators also to encourage Mediation whereever it is appropriate.


TOP LEGAL has experience successfully litigating and advocating for clients in front of Courts, Tribunals etc.

We advocate in

- District Courts
- High Courts and Supreme Court Of India
- National Company Law Tribunal
- Commercial Courts including Debt Recovery Tribunals
- Consumer Courts
- Governmental Authorities, Selected Committees etc.


TOP LEGAL can analyze your situation to determine whether your service offerings are subject to regulation, and if so, to effectively move your company toward full compliance and operational status as quickly as possible. The firm can provide you with a blueprint of compliance with applicable regulations.

TOP LEGAL is a unique firm that combines both technical and legal expertise to counsel telecommunications clients nationally and internationally, including competitive carriers, VoIP providers,content providers, and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) The firm also assists clients in billing disputes and contractual disputes. Having a very strong foot hold into innovation and telecom operations field globally. TOP LEGAL would also act as Cosultant/advisor to the startup and well established telecoms organisations

- Mobile operator
- Telecom equipment manufacturer
- Telecom Switch Vendors
- ISPs
- VoIP providers
- Mobile content providers
- Application developers
- Information service providers


Top legal is dedicated to services
offered to NRIs {Non resident of India}
and OCIs {overseas citizenship of India}

TOP LEGAL offers a comprehensive service for corporate and individual clients covering the full range of applications to enter or remain in India including visas and all applications as work permits.

Vice verse through our legal partners globally we also assist corporate and private individuals in immigration matters in Europe UK and US.

We work with all nationalities individuals including but not limited to US, UK , Europe and CIS countries, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

- Compliance with Indian Tax law and bilateral tax agreements of India with foreign countries
- Legal parity in fields of education and sports for youngsters
- Property issues like inheritance of the ancestral property
- Setting up a new business or migration of existing business from Abroad to India
- Banking and Finance

Merger &

Mergers and acquisitions represent a corporate strategy through which corporate entities are acquired, divested and combined with one another so as to optimize the potential synergies attainable from such transactions. The preponderance of such transactions are acquisitions, for the sheer fact that it is very rare to have an equitable sharing of leadership between the consolidated corporate entities - instead, one party typically asserts its dominance over the combined corporate entity.

Top Legal lawyers are well-versed in the market approach, allowing us to maintain a commercial approach that optimizes efficiency, reduces costs and enhances effective deal execution. Our global presence and critical mass of lawyers in each location ensures local legal advice at standards essential for such transactions, as well as the economies that result from experienced, coordinated transaction management.

- Acquisitions and disposals
- Due diligence
- Vendor due diligence
- Transaction documentation, negotiation and drafting
- Tax structuring
- Venture capital
- Shareholder buyouts
- Management buyouts


Competition Advocacy is one of the main pillars of modern competition law which aims at creating, expanding and strengthening awareness of competition in the market.
Top legal lawyers are fully competent and informed about the changing patterns and new laws coming into force thus to provide its clients the best service at hand.

Property Rights

Top Legal safeguard a business' intellectual property rights from competitors while maximizing the value of those rights.
Top Legal help clients identify, establish, and protect their intellectual property rights, allowing their creative instincts to flourish within the context of their overall business goals and strategies.
Top Legal bring value to our clients and strive to secure exceptional results whether it be through litigation, negotiation or alternative dispute resolution. The Intellectual Property group offers a complete range of dispute resolution services, including resolving intellectual property and breach of contract issues. Our attorneys assist our clients by proactively identifying potential areas of liability and vigorously enforcing their contractual and property rights.

Areas of Focus
- Trademark Filings
- Internet and E-Commerce Law
- Cyber laws
- Crypto laws
- Media Law
- Software Licensing Agreements
- Video Game/ Application patents
- Motion Picture, Corporate Media and Entertainment

Real Estate &
Infrastructure Laws

Top legal real estate field work includes but not
limited to.

- Legal documentation on Sale/Purchase/Lease of Property
- Due diligence of the respective property and its association.
- Landlord and Tenant Disputes
- Land Use Regulations
- RERA Issues
- Building, Development and Construction Contracts
- House Tax disputes
- Real estate investment and development projects
- Real estate related acquisitions and dispositions
- Real estate related project finance

Top legal has a very strong expertise in the field of real estate and other sectors including roads, hospitality, special economic zones, industrial parks and infrastructure sectors. We advise private equity investors and also Indian promoters on investments in real estate and related sectors.

Property dispute is one of the most frequent complaints by NRIs. They are unable to protect their property due to long absences or lack of awareness of laws

Top legal helps its clients to understand the complicity of the Real Estate/property laws in India and solving grand problems arise due to the unclear title/ownership and unauthorized possession of the property including commercial,residential and agricultural real estates in different geographic sectors of Republic of India.

Top Legal is specialized in solving real estate issues in wide range of matters relating to land misuse disputes, land acquisition proceedings, sale of property, leasing matters, house tax issues, and municipal rules and byelaws particularly in states like Delhi, Punjab and Haryana, Gujarat and Maharashtra.